Date: November 30th 2013

Dear Rhizome Community,
It’s been several months since the last time we wrote to you, and we truly miss being in touch!  Since our last dispatch, Rhizome has wrapped up and closed, and Heartwood Café has opened at 317 East Broadway.  We are thrilled to see that the space continues to be a warm and welcoming community hub, and we have deep respect for everyone at Heartwood who has worked so hard to bring it to life. 
We’re writing now to share with you some exciting developments at Heartwood—and to remind you to stay in touch with Rhizome, in our new virtual form! 
Heartwood has hired Melanie Matining as the Café’s new Arts and Events Curator.  Melanie is a well-known and respected organizer, activist and advocate who is involved in a number of groups that were active at Rhizome.  In her role as Arts and Events Curator, Melanie will be responsible for outreach to community groups, coordinating events and meeting room bookings, hosting events, connecting with artists who are interested in showing their work at the Café, producing Heartwood’s monthly newsletter and events calendar, and more.  We are so excited that Melanie was chosen for this role!  The Café is already hosting great programming, and there will be much more to come now that Melanie is on board!  We encourage you to contact her about your meeting, events, and arts needs.  She can be reached at
We’d like to also remind you to visit Heartwood’s website ( to view the calendar of upcoming events, get on the mailing list, and find out how you can support this important community work by becoming a Friend of the Café.
Finally, please visit Rhizome’s new virtual home at!  You can peruse Rhizome photos, old monthly calendars, videos, collective art projects, and use this site as a way to remember all that we did together in that space.  Feel free to leave a comment in the guest book, and send us any photos or videos that you’d like to add to the archive.
We look forward to being in touch with you again!  We’re still in Vancouver until early 2014, and then will head to Toronto and start having conversations about establishing the new Rhizome there.  Once we have settled in a bit, we’ll reach out again to ask you to put us in touch with your Toronto contacts. 
Many thanks to all of you!
-Lisa and Vinetta

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