Date: September 3rd 2013

One Last (for now) Message from Rhizome

Now a virtual hub at

September 2, 2013

Dear friends of Rhizome-

On Thursday, August 22nd, over 100 people came by to celebrate Rhizome’s final night. Throughout the evening, the noise level just kept on rising—in a good way!—as kids ran around, old friends relaxed and chatted, we auctioned off some priceless Rhizome memorabilia, we danced, and everyone enjoyed one last bowl of Rhizome-prepared Lentils are Everything Stew together. After others had left, a small crew of friends helped us clean and take our things off the wall, well into the wee hours of the morning. And with that, Rhizome’s final day came to an end. Natasha Barsotti summed up the feel of the evening nicely in this article. We are deeply grateful to all who have ushered Rhizome out, in so many beautiful and loving ways, over the past several months.

Rhizome will surely rise again, somewhere else, at some point in the future. This experience has taught us that we want to do it all again, and that creating space like this is a role that we want to play in the world. That might take a while, however, and in the meantime, Rhizome has transformed from a physical space into a virtual, online one.

Announcing: Rhizome’s new, virtual home!

Our newly redone website,, has become a virtual hub, a touchstone for us and hopefully for many others who will miss the physical Rhizome. We’re hoping that this will be a place for us to remember what we built together, and continue to pool our stories and images. Please take a look! Peruse the archives and explore images of the space, several of our collaborative art projects, events posters, all of Rhizome’s 86 monthly calendars, and much more. On the guestbook, you can share a personal Rhizome memory or story. On the contact page, you can find out how to stay in touch, and also how to send in images that can be added to the archives. Thank you to Krisztina Kun for creating this beautiful virtual home with and for us. This has been a therapeutic act that has truly eased the transition!

The new café at 317 East Broadway is gearing up to open on Wednesday, September 4th. Trinity United Church invites you all to drop by for their open house on the evening of September 5. There will be food served, an informal gathering, and at 7pm a chance for you to ask questions, learn more, and provide input for this new project. You’ll notice that while some things will have changed, there will be many points of continuity in the space. We continue to be honored and grateful to Trinity for their dedication to carrying on much of Rhizome’s work, while also bringing their own unique perspectives and ideas to their new project. We look forward to continuing to support their efforts.

This will likely be our last message to our full list for a while, until we have news to share about how and where Rhizome will spring up next.

With love and gratitude for you all,

Lisa and Vinetta


A note on our name:

In the botanical sense, a rhizome is a root system that some plants (like lilies and orchids and ginger and bamboo) use to spread themselves about. While the roots of most plants point generally downward, the rhizome is a horizontal root system that runs parallel to the surface of the ground. The plant sends shoots up from nodes in the rhizome, creating what look like many separate plants. These seemingly unrelated individuals are actually all connected, through a system that’s not immediately visible to the eye.


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